Hostgator India VS Hostinger India

Hostgator India VS Hostinger India

Web Hosting companies provide you different types of features and functionalities that help you to customize your website or blog.

If you want to make a reliable and powerful website then you have to choose a web hosting company that offers you the best features and functionalities in your budget.

If you are going to just start a new business then this is a very important thing that hosts a website for users about your business and that will helps you to get a global reach and expand the business.

Nowadays every web hosting company offers you different affordable plans, so you can easily select a plan as per your requirements and budget.

The only questions arise in the user’s mind about choosing the best web hosting company.

Here we are going to provide you a comparison of the two most powerful web hosting companies Hostgator India and Hostinger India.

Overview of Hostgator India and Hostinger India

Hostgator India

Hostgator India is one of the world-wide best companies for web hosting solutions. Hostgator gives you the best speed for hosting your website.

Hostgator offers you different types of hosting plans as per your budget and requirements with unlimited disk spaces. The fastest server up time provides by the Hostgator.

Hostgator India also provides technical support and customer support services in a language that is comfortable for you and they provide the best customer support services in the world.

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Hostinger India

In the year 2007 when Hostinger started services at that time, it launched some different hosting plans and features; but as now, Hostinger is one of the affordable web hosting providers.

Hostinger offers an amazing loading speed and server up time for your hosted website.

Hostinger provides multi-language customer support features that can connect on a global level.

As per your requirements, you can select a plan form the different hosting plans for your website.

Hostinger offers basic plans for the small businesses to the business plans for the institutes and organizations.

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Offered Features

Features provide by Hostgator India

Hostgator India provides you the best features for the VPS Hosting and WordPress plans.

Hostgator provides the best loading speed as compared to all the web hosting provider companies with PHP and a cPanel support.

It also provides an amazing backup with MySql support on the site and also offers unlimited bandwidth support.

Easy integration of content management system (CMS) guaranteed the use of software and tools on your hosted website.

Hostgator provides you an amazing integration features that with the help of that feature, you can easily integrate with the content management system frameworks like WordPress and Drupal.

You can also install other supported applications on your website very easily by a single click installation feature; and as this installation is easy, you don’t need any of the technical skills for that.

Features provide by Hostinger India

Hostinger provides you custom cPanel support with the Cloudflare integration and also supports real-time server monitoring. Hostinger provides you daily backups with access manage controls. Hostinger provides you special SSD drive for the purpose of the speed for your website.

The integration feature of Hostinger is very easy to access; With the help of this feature, you can easily install a content management system platform like WordPress.

Hostinger also provides you automatic server deployment. The single-click installation process can save your time.

Security Features

Hostgator India Security

Hostgator provides you with account setting security and also password security control. This one remains your hosted website malware-free. This feature also helps you to maintain and remain all of your installed applications’ new updates. This one provides a different secure connection to each website.

Hostinger  India Security

Hostinger provides you BitNinja as a part of their plan and it protects your website from the malware attacks. In web space, with the threads of ample security password protection and secure background feature is essential. Hostinger also provides you a free SSL certificate which is included in plans. Hostinger also provides you CloudFlare and Spam Assassin protection.

Hosting Types

Hostgator India Hosting Types

Hostgator provides web hosting plans for Windows and Open source both of the operating system. Hostgator offers you VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress hosting and Re-seller hosting. Hostgator have separate hosting plans for both windows and open-source operating systems.

Hostgator offers 4 different types of packages for all of the above types. They have basic plans for the new startups to the advanced plans for businesses and organizations.

The name of the Hostgator plans from the starting to the advanced is respectively Starter plan, Hatchling plan, Baby plan, and Business plan. The main thing is that Hostgator offers you customized hosting for your website requirements.

Hostinger India Hosting Types

Hostinger web hosting company provides various web hosting plans that fit every budget. Hostinger provides you affordable rates for cloud hosting and VPS hosting.

This allows easy installation and integration with the WordPress hosting. Hostinger also provides you eCommerce hosting and Content Management System (CMS) hostings. Hostinger provides free web hosting and a free website builder options for the beginners.

Hostinger also made three plans as per the user’s budget and requirements. The basic plan is named Single web hosting, then the advanced plan from the single web hosting named Premium web hosting and at the end the advanced plan from the premium web hosting named Business web hosting plan.

All of these plans have different prices and features. You can search here for the best domain name for your website or blog with a domain checker feature of Hostinger.

Customer Support Services

Hostgator India Customer Support

Hostgator web hosting company provides you 24/7 customer support. Whenever you are stuck with the technical issue with your hosted website, at that time you can take help from the customer support and technician team. Hostgator also provides you customer support services via email and online chat options for technical help.

As per the survey, the behavior of the customer support executives of Hostgator is humble and calm and they also work on your feedback positively. In addition, Hostgator provides you customer support services in your language (For India).

Hostinger India Customer Support

Hostinger provides you multi-language customer support services with the live chat feature. Hostinger also provides an email chat feature for the customer support service. Hostinger offers you a free video instructor for the new setup that’s why you have not to faced any issue with the new website. One of the main feature Hostinger have and it is intercom integration for the easy access.

Payment Methods

Hostgator India Payment Methods

Hostgator allows you to pay via different payment methods include Debit cards and Credit cards. Hostgator also permits you to pay via electronic transfer and prepaid cards. Hostgator also provides you the different payment gateways to pay like Paypal and Money Order. You can pay via bank wire to the Hostgator, too.

Hostinger India Payment Methods

Hostinger allows you to pay via different debit and credit cards. This company allows you different payment methods which helps you to pay included Paypal and BitPal. This one is also providing coin payments. You can pay hostinger directly via internet banking. You can select the plan-package and pay for it as per your requirements and convenience.

Money-Back Guarantee

Hostgator India Money-back Guarantee

Most of the web hosting companies offer 30 days money-back guarantee for the purchased plan. Hostgator provides you 45 days money-back guarantee which is an added advantage of this company. The refund is applicable to the very first time subscribers of the plans.

Hostinger India Money-back Guarantee

Hostinger web hosting company offers 30 days money-back guarantee on the plans. It is easy to apply for a refund through a website. hostinger allows you to migrate to another plan if you need to.


With most of the plans, Hostgator provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space. It provides amazing uptime speed and easy to use control panel. For non-technical users, Hostgator provides drag and drop features to built customized websites. Hostgator offers many of the plans and packages from which you can select one as your budget and requirements.

Hostinger offers you different affordable plans with amazing features. Hostinger provides you fast loading time with good uptime. Hostinger gives you easy to use interface with domain support. This provides unlimited features with premium plans. Hostinger provides you an easy payment option, so you can pay easily to the company.

Hostinger is one of the best options for the plans as per your requirements. Hostinger offers unlimited features with an only plan but the best thing is that payment terms and plans offered. You can select from basic to the premium plan as per your requirements; While Hostgator is a nice option for the startups as it offers different and customized features on plans.

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